UMBC Quadmania 2018

Quadmania is an annual banner-event hosted at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). It takes place in April of each year, and features student events, dances, a carnival, and a headlining concert. The graphic identity is left to the discretion of the designer, though it is usually influenced by the choice of concert headliner.

The Quadmania 2018 branding identity pairs a vivid artistic style with a technical font to celebrate UMBC’s reputation for excellence in the arts and computer sciences. The deep reds and blacks echo the colours of 21 Savage’s own brand, seamlessly incorporating his image with Quadmania 2018 marketing materials. The (seb) branding bubble identifies Quadmania as being made possible by the student team.

Following previous years, branding allowed either the shortened ‘QM’ or the full “Quadmania” in designs. For the first time in Quadmania’s 30 year history, moving images (GIFs and MP4s) were also included in promotional media to accentuate the glitch effect.

Client: (Working in-house) UMBC Student Events Board

DESIGN BRIEF: Create a fresh and unique design that makes Quadmania 2018 stand out from previous iterations. The design should inherently represent UMBC and its values, but may function outside of UMBC branding guidelines. The design should also be able to seamlessly incorporate the concert headliner, 21 Savage, in the promotional material.

In creating the Quadmania 2018 design identity I worked with the UMBC Student Events Board (seb) design team, of which I was Head, as well as the UMBC Student Life team. During the design process I reported to the staff advisor of (seb), but overall created the Quadmania 2018 design by myself. As Head of Design, I oversaw the production of merchandise, tickets, staff passes, and other printed materials created by the design team. I made sure all works submitted to print followed the brand identity and presented a seamless image of Quadmania 2018.

All works appearing in this portfolio were created by myself.


Quadmania 2018 brand identity appeared throughout the university campus in print and digital forms; signage in the form of tabloids and lawn signs, free merchandise for students such as shirts and mugs, and on campus televisions using i-Net. The featured GIF in this portfolio was made by myself using Photoshop. Further i-Net animations were created by the UMBC Commonvision team, who oversee campus i-Net and printing.


In Quadmania tradition, the headliner is usually announced 2 month before the concert. For Quadmania 2018, (seb) held an artist reveal event which included a banner drop and snapchat filter. Following the announcement, we began advertising accross campus, including illumintated bus stop signage.


The weekend booklet was created and disseminated accross campus in print and web form to inform students of the weekend events. Quadmania 2018 was my first time designing a booklet by myself. Though inDesign required a steep learning curve at first, it was a welcome challenge. The booklet was designed following the Quadmania 2018 glitch branding style. The text was written in a casual tone per (seb)’s tone of voice.

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