Museum of Archaeology, Durham University

Temporary Exhibition: Cancelled due to COVID-19 (originally 12 June – 20 November 2020)

This co-curated exhibition was created by myself and seven other MA Museum and Artefact Studies students with the Durham University’s Museum of Archaeology. The exhibition explored hidden messages left behind by County Durham’s past inhabitants, and how these messages had been communicated through the archaeological record.    

Through the objects on display, different themes of communication were investigated, from personal inscriptions to pictorial representations of oral traditions. The archaeological research methods that were used to decipher these hidden messages were also explored. This included the use of modern technology, such as X-rays, which allow archaeologists to uncover information about artefacts that were previously unknown.

I created several graphics for this exhibition, including the learning character ‘Isla the Future Curator‘. Sadly, due to the cancellation I am unable to publish most of this work. If you are interested, please contact me for samples!


Radstock Museum, Bath & North East Somerset Council

Temporary Display: July – August 2015

During my placement with The Roman Baths Museum, I was given the opportunity to research and design a display on a selection of coins from the Beau Street Hoard. The display discussed themes of propoganda evident on Roman coin imagery, and how this reflected the circumstances of the period. For each emperor present in the Beau Street Hoard, I chose one coin that would best represent their rule, along with another coin showing their face clearly. I designed the text panels to be as accessible as possible, especially considering how small the coins were. To the right of the two coins was a summary of the image’s significance. On the left, I included an enlarged illustration of the coin image so that visitors could better make out the shapes and writing.

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