Learning Resources

Roman Inscriptions Learning Resource

Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle

August 2017

This KS2 resource was created to encourage students to engage with the large Roman epigraphic display in the Hadrian’s Wall gallery. The resource introduces students to Roman numerals and explains how romans used shortened Latin to write their epigraphs. While creating the resource, I handed out drafts to visiting families for feedback. While the Roman numerals did not provide much of a challenge to KS2 and some determined KS1 learners, the comprehensive questions near the end needed several revisions in order to be made less tricky for KS2 students.

Isla the Future Curator

Durham Univeristy Museum of Archaeology, I Was Here exhibition


For the I Was Here exhibition, our team was keen to have the learning resources lead by a learning character which could cater to as many needs as possible. Working with the learning team, I devised several prototypes which represented the exhibition’s learning goals, as well as were able to be translated aesthetically into our resources. Having settled upon two candidates, we worked with focus groups from primary schools in County Durham to establish which one visually or ideally interested the students.

Using positives and negatives from each prototype, the team created Isla the Future Curator, who featured in two childrens trails, a colouring sheet, and in various signage along the exhibition. Using different uniforms, Isla explains the various elements of museum work, from excavating an artefact to analysing it in the lab.

Isla in her curatorial gear, her fieldwork gear, and laboratory gear.
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