Design & Illustration


I am versed in artefact illustration techniques and conventions, having worked previously with archaeology programmes, and having taken a course for my MA in museum studies. I operate with Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator to create print-ready vector images that can be scaled to any size.

(Left) Illustration of a Ming jade belt plaque from the Durham Univeristy Oriental Museum collections.


I am experienced with creating eye-catching and easily comprehensible designs, such as flyers, brochures, website images, and infographics.

(Right) Recently I was hired by the Durham University Museum of Archaeology to design a stratigraphy wall for the children’s area (installation pending due to COVID-19 lockdown). The wall was created as a vector, with the layers colour-coded to the different sections of the museum

Digital Illustration

While I am not doing museum work, I am a freelance digital illustrator, operating under the name ‘Flaroh Illustration’. I love to create art inspired by my fields of interest, whether that be archaeological artefacts, myths, or pieces that echo the aesthetics of a time long past. Much like the Romans with their statues, I am a fan of bright and bold colours, and I strive to break the convention that archaeology is primarily muted earth-tones

(Left) An Egyptian Middle Kingdom faience hippo paired with water lily. This is one of my “Floral Artefact” pieces, where I illustrate artefacts across the ancient Mediterannean paired with local flora.

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