Artefact Research


Museum of Archaeology & Oriental Museum

During my MA in Museum and Artefact Studies at Durham University I was given the oppurtunity to research and illustrate new and existing collections. Artefacts included a lead French bale seal excavated from the River Wear by Gary Bankhead, as well as a jade Ming belt plaque from the Hardinge collection. Research included object identification, material analysis using XRF spectroscopy, and discussion of use based on contemporary social history. Research was also conducted on existing Medieval and Roman collections at the Museum of Archaeology for the I Was Here exhibition.


The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

During my four-year undergraduate degree in Baltimore, I spent three years studying Roman coin imagery and the rates of spending denarii and antoninianii in second- and and third-century Roman Britain. In conducting my research I analysed a selection of coins from the Beau Street Hoard at the Roman Baths Museum, as well as the Lawrence Weston Hoard held by the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. I wanted to see if there was a correlation between the emperor’s propoganda imagery on the coins and the everyday person’s spending. As well as my thesis, my work was published in the UMBC Review journal.

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