I am an emerging museum professional based in the United Kingdom. I am passionate about the interpretation of museum collections in exhibitions and learning materials. I believe authentic and engaging artefact stories make museums accessible and meaningful to visitors.

During my undergraduate degree in ancient history and archaeology I developed an interest in how artefacts can be used to tell a historical narrative. I loved how collections stood as witnesses to history, providing a direct primary source for learning in museums. At my placements I began to take on projects for creating learning resources that encourge students and visitors to engage with museum collections.

As I pursued this interest in my research and museum experience, I began to explore how collections interpretation and learning goals could be achieved in a digital space. I believe museums collections should be made as accessible as possible through display in museums and online, whether this be open cataloges or fully interactive 3-D scans. These virtual collections can provide an engaging source for learning materials designed for the classroom or home.

Currently, I am a freelance artist and graphic designer – a skillset I would like to incorporate into my future museum career as much as possible. Much like the Romans with their statues, I am a fan of bright and bold colours, and want to break the convention that history and archaeology is primarily muted earth-tones.

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